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Savings Accounts

Whether you are looking to save for a vacation, an education, a new home, retirement, or a rainy, BEFCU's variety of share accounts give you the flexibility you need and great rates.

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Talk to a BEFCU Member Service Representative today—
and, get your great rate!

Choose an account that fits your needs and works for you!
Terms from 6 months to 5 years!
Call, come in, or email today. It is simple and easy. Compare!

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12 Month CD


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Share Accounts

The ultimate savings account: put funds in or take them out. No waiting. Earn a great rate and have the peace of mind your funds are always available.

To have access to your account with an ATM card, fill out the ATM Application and email to * Must pass a Chexsystem Inquiry

Money Market Accounts

Flexibility: savings and up to six transfers a month (max three by check). Earn at higher rate than either a share account or a checking account.

Want to start earning more now? Fill out the Money Market Application and email to

Certificates of Deposit Accounts

For those who want to earn more and can leave their funds on deposit for 6 months or more (choose the term). Except for IRA Certificates of Deposit, these accounts pay more than any other BEFCU share account.

Retirement Accounts: IRA and Roth

Begin saving today: be ready for tomorrow. Talk with BEFCU's IRA expert; see what term and type of plan makes sense: start making your money work for you.

Special Share Accounts (includes Holiday or Club Accounts)

For vacations, remodeling, education, a down payment, and almost any other special purpose. These accounts let you set a goal, set funds aside and keep track of you save and what spend.

Checking Accounts

This account pays dividends too! Pay bills, use for bill pay, write checks as you need to. No fees and unlimited check writing. Also, use your share account for overdraft protection. And, business checking accounts are available if you want to separate personal checking from business checking.

Complete and return the application today to open your checking account

All share accounts can be accessed through:
  • On line Banking: check your balances, transfer funds, make deposits, track ATM transactions and debit card purchases, review your statements

  • Teletalk: BEFCU's 24-hour telephone system that lets you transfer funds between accounts and check balances.


Share Accounts are insured up to $250,000 per account. Additional insurance may be available, talk with a Member Service Representative.

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