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Certificates of Deposit and IRAs

march CD promo

Are you ready to earn more money for your money? Bring in new money this full month of March and earn a 3% APR!

*3.04% APY/ New money only/ Penalty for early withdrawal/ Min dep: $3,000. Valid March 1-31, 2019

If mailing check, please make payable to Bourns EFCU and memo "March CD Promo"

Certificates of Deposit Accounts

For those who want to earn more and can leave their funds on deposit for 6 months or more (choose the term). Except for IRA Certificates of Deposit, these accounts pay more than any other BEFCU share account.

Is your money already with us and not in a Certificate of Deposit? Earn more by transferring it into a higher earning account. We offer you very competitive rates and convenience to funds in case you need access to your money**. Remember the longer the term, the better rate and return on your savings! Click here to view our rates!

**Penalty of only 6 months of dividends, if CD is closed before maturity date. For 6 month CD, only lose 3 months of dividends. Penalty applies for closing or withdrawing from a CD.

For when just a savings account won’t do, BEFCU has other rewarding ways for you to invest your money.

  • Certificates – Certificates are a simple way to put some money aside. How long you have your certificate determines how much interest you’ll make.
  • IRA – Investing with an Individual Retirement Account, or IRA, is not only a great way to save for your retirement, but you’ll get some great tax advantages as well. We have several IRAs to choose from.*

Click here to take a look at our great rates.

Stop by and see a Member Representative for more information on our savings accounts, or

email us <-- Click here to email us


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*Always talk to your tax adviser to help you determine which IRA is right for you.



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